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Manufacturing a “steel saucepan” means making an object that is going to last over time. And it is the concept of time, combined with a great passion for our work and with a love of good taste, that has led the company Barazzoni to create “shapes”. Not simple expressions of design, but lines that are closely related to the function for which they were conceived.

Innovation in thought, in design, in the production method, and in management of the company system. Exploiting the greatest assets and resources of every production unit, namely the people.

Shaping raw material to express increasingly audacious design features, managing to create revolutionary products, like the My Lady project, where gentle lines are contained within well-defined geometrical shapes.

These represent the key to Barazzoni’s success and form the foundation of the company’s philosophy. This is the intrinsic “plus” that distinguishes every Barazzoni product and makes it unique.

The Present

Barazzoni, a company that is in the forefront, in terms of technology and production, always pays particular attention to the environment and to consumers’ health.
In this sense, with constant research into innovative materials and new generation coatings, such as the PFOA-free non-stick coating, the company expresses its great commitment to supporting ecology.

Andrea Barazzoni, the General Manager of the company, says, “Over the last few years, the company has grown a lot from an industrial point of view, and in terms of its products and brand; this evolution has enabled us to face this period with confidence and serenity, and to invest further to consolidate and strengthen our market position in the kitchen sector.”

The company currently has about one hundred employees in its two sites, of Invorio, near Novara (Italy), and Girona (Spain) and has a leading position in the Italian market, thanks to the number and quality of its products; the company is present in over eighty countries.

The Future

For over sixty years, Barazzoni has been a leader in the production of stainless steel pots and pans. In the last ten years, the company has progressively extended its output to non-stick aluminum.
Today the company presents itself as a reality that can offer everything you need in the kitchen and for the preparation of food: a vast and varied range of cookware in different materials.

The production of stainless steel ranges from products of the highest quality and design to most commercial products, from traditional non-stick cast aluminum, coined or printed, to ceramics, and the novelty of recent years: the “stone finish” this also declined on various segments product and price, coined, printed and cast iron.
The range is completed with Pressure cookers, utensils and cutlery. All wisely taken care of by the expert and creative hand of designer Claudio Bellini whom, for over a decade, has signed the Company’s products.

Barazzoni is proud to be among the brands that are able to take the “Made in Italy” label to all parts of the world, thanks to the attention it pays to design, and to its ability to invest in high quality, technology and, above all, great innovation. And so, the company today is at the forefront in terms of its products, of its sales concepts, and of consumer expectations, and is extremely careful about the environment.

Barazzoni is committed to the constant improvement of its lines through regular investments in quality and innovation; it offers all the topperformance tools that a modern kitchen needs. Steel and aluminum are shaped through state-of-the-art technology into innovative and functional cooking tools with ergonomic and attractive design. The right cooking pan for your needs isn’t hard to find at Barazzoni.