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It is never too late to change

How often do we want to change and start something new?

How often do we make a list in our heads of things we need to apply to our routine in order to improve it?

September is the month of good intentions, the right time to allow ourselves change. Schools reopen, work starts again after a few days of relax.

Sometimes, however, a list remains that we set to one side and put off until the following year.

We don't want to postpone this year!

Since 1903 we have been making cooking tools and items for the kitchen and home but, beyond that, we feel it is important to make our contribution to a healthier and more ecological life.

That is why we are introducing some elements that will not only help you live a different routine, but also bring to light some very simple aspects:

  •   Buying organic products and then destroying them in a cheap pot

It is not only important to select top-quality products if they are then not cooked in cooking tools that can preserve their wholesomeness.

Very often people invest in the freshness of food, but go cheap when selecting the pan, ignoring the fact that cooking materials make all the difference.

Did you know that the quality of the material used can affect the taste and hygiene level of a recipe?

We must therefore understand cooking products as an asset that lasts over time (if treated well) and preserves our health.

  •   Help yourself with time-saving products

There are days when you don't have time, or even don't feel like cooking. Well, all you have to do is navigate our website to realise that there are lots of tools available to optimise the preparation and cooking of your dishes. An example? The air fryer. Fast, safe and once you turn it on you can forget about it: it will turn itself off!

Don't have a moment to navigate on our site? No problem, click the link below to discover your allies: time-saving products

You have no more excuses.

  •   2x1: Do good to you and Nature

Being involved in what is happening around us is essential. One only has to look around to realise that it is time to change a few small habits that will not only help the Nature that hosts us, but also ourselves!

We all know, hydrating is important, but how can using simple thermal bottles help us and the world?

  1. They are made of stainless steel! A single plastic bottle takes about 450 years to degrade. Steel, on the other hand, is infinitely   recyclable and extremely durable: buy one and it will last you a long time!
  2. They are healthy! Unlike plastic, there is no risk of ingesting small particles that are harmful to your health! Steel preserves and maintains the properties of the liquids it holds inside.
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